I have been in this horrible funk because i have absolutely no friends. None. I dont have a single person to talk to or go out with. I sit at home all the time. I have no other ways to make any friends or get out at all. So here i am constantly in this funk.

I am about to the point where if I dont find something for me I am going to lose my god damn mind.

I had a great labor day weekend! So much fun! I love my little family so much!


"Money won’t make you happy"

Yeah, financial stability is just horrible

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Thursday evening we went swimming. Today we got up, played with my neices and nephew, went swimming, went for a walk, took a loooooong nap (yay), watched a movie, watched the rain, and now we are laying down ready for bed.

Tomorrow we are going to the county fair, coming home and either swimming or going to the splash pad near us, and then going bowling (maybe). Cody will be going camping with a friend for opening day of squirel season monday.

Then Monday Quinn and I will be walking two blocks up to watch the parade and then walk around all the booths where they sell crafts and such ( i am looking to get more duckies for our collection). Then Cody will be home and we will go to his grannys for a cookout and then to Garys for a cookout (maybe).

My weekend has been awesome so far and i cant wait for the rest of the weekend!

• your mental health is more important than your grades/school work
• you are fabulous
• they’re probably not even paying attention when you give a presentation
• one friend is better than no friends
• eat a healthy lunch
• take care of yourself
• please stay safe
• your mental health is more important than your grades/school work
• I love you

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  • Cashier: *dies at register*
  • Customer: are you open

Kinda wanna have sex

Kinda wanna sleep for 12 hours

Kinda wanna eat 2 large pizzas 

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Is it weird that i pep talk myself most mornings? Or when i have bad days?

I feel like that is weird.